Brand Dynamics was engaged by Grafton Recruitment to re-energise its brand
. Grafton Recruitment wanted to differentiate itself from the competition, in such a way that its brand name is instantly associated with specific brand attributes
 Brand Dynamics embarked on a significant research project amongst clients and candidates of Grafton Recruitment (both in-depth interviews and focus groups) in order to develop brand values for Grafton Recruitment which would be relevant to its clients 
When the research was completed, Brand Dynamics developed the brand values, brand proposition, brand positioning and brand strategy for Grafton Recruitment
. The acid test for any branding project is the delivery of the brand throughout the company
 Brand Dynamics worked in partnership with Grafton Recruitment to bring the new brand values into being through a series of Brand Delivery Workshops, where the brand experience is brought to life by giving each employee a purpose so that they know what they can optimally do for the brand (8 workshops for approximately 200 staff) 
Subsequently, Brand Dynamics worked with Grafton Recruitment to develop a new advertising strategy to incorporate the brand values and deliver Grafton Recruitment’s brand proposition. This involved the appointment of a new creative agency and a new media agency.

“Brand Dynamics was commissioned to re-energise the Grafton Recruitment brand through an intensive and rigorous ‘end to end’ process. We selected Brand Dynamics because of their expertise and track-record in developing and rejuvenating brands. We were delighted with the results and the creativity and professionalism that were brought to bear. The partnership with Brand Dynamics was both useful and effective and the relationship has endured over time”

Áine Maria Mizzoni, CEO Grafton Europe